ClassiX Replacement Pads

Extend the life of your stamp with a ClassiX Replacement Pad

When re-inking your ClassiX stamp no longer increases the life of your stamp, extend its life with a ClassiX replacement pad in your choice of 8 colors.

Find your stamp from the list and then select the color you need. Includes 2-Color replacement pads for the ClassiX Date Stamps and replacement pads for the standard size custom ClassiX stamps.

Don't know what stamp you have? Remove the pad from inside your stamp and enter the code found on the bottom of it into our search field in the upper left corner. Still have questions? Email your questions or use our handy Customer Service Center and our customer service can help find the best option for you.

Round ClassiX Replacement Pads
ClassiX P15 Replacement PadClassiX P15 Replacement PadPrice: $4.80ClassiX P16 Replacement PadClassiX P16 Replacement PadPrice: $7.10
ClassiX P17 Replacement PadClassiX P17 Replacement PadPrice: $7.10ClassiX P18 Replacement PadClassiX P18 Replacement PadPrice: $7.55
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